The Poetry School in York and Leeds

Antony has run Small Group Seminars in York for The Poetry School for nearly 20 years, and in 2010 launched a new series of Seminars in Leeds.

Dates for 2019/20: Leeds

Wed 9 Oct
Wed 13 Nov
Wed 11 Dec
Wed 8 Jan
Wed 12 Feb
Wed 11 Mar
Wed 1 Apr
Wed 13 May

Dates for 2019/20: York

Thu 10 Oct
Thu 14 Nov
Thu 12 Dec
Thu 9 Jan
Thu 13 Feb
Thu 12 Mar
Thu 9 Apr
Thu 14 May

Each group of six participants meets eight times, once a month, for two and a half hours in the evening (6.15pm – 8.45pm). Each participant brings one of his/her own poems for the group to discuss. We often also bring poems ‘from the outside’ world (ie. published poems that we’ve seen and want to share with everyone else for whatever reason). Sessions are relaxed and friendly, rigorous and challenging – but always in a supportive and kind way…

£260 for full price
Discounts are available and the fee is payable in one or two instalments.

To book your place
Call 0207 582 1679 and pay by card
or send a cheque to
The Poetry School
81 Lambeth Walk
London SE11 6DX

For more information about Small Group Seminars, online courses and one-off poetry workshops in your area, please visit The Poetry School’s website: