About The House

Lockdown, May 2020

Furniture hard against living room walls,
a tower of unopened bills in the hall.

Bird feeders blossom across the back yard.
A stubborn gap aches in the spice-rack jars.

Bins can’t contain themselves, all overrun
with teabags and mail-order boxes undone.

Sheet after A4 sheet – fingers-and-thumbs,
blood-from-a-stone – of sentences, sums.

Three sets of headphones around the one room,
a laptop that’s day and night logged in to Zoom.

Rechargeable batteries litter the sills;
a scatter of shells from the console kills.

A jigsaw, at last giving up on itself.
A last hill of beans at the back of the shelf.

© Antony Dunn, May 2020

Inspired by Simon Armitage’s poem, ‘About His Person’
(from Kid, Faber & Faber 1992)